Delta Tuesday Night Clinic

Sponsored by On Running
 Tuesday Nights 6:30 pm
$60.00 12 Week Clinic
$4.00 Drop In Session
Clinic includes run groups for all levels of fitness:
Walk- power walking group 45-60 mins
Learn to Run 5km- progressive program for the Beginner Runner 
7 km Group- graduates from Learn to run build up to 7km
10 km Group- graduates from 7K build up to 10k
Pace Groups- interval training for the runner who wants to get faster and stronger. All levels.

Delta Thursday Tempo Clinic

Led by Coach Malcolm Smillie
Thursday Nights at 6:30pm
Meet at the South Delta Track
$60.00 12 Week Clinic
$4.00 Drop In Session
If you are looking at trying to run a personal best in either a 5k, 10k, or Half Marathon,  our tempo sessions will certainly help you achieve your goals. This is a nine week clinic aimed at improving the participants lactate threshold to increase your bodies ability to deliver oxygen to muscles more efficiently.  These sessions will involve a series of intervals run at roughly 25-30 percent slower than your current 5k race pace with a short recovery (60-90 seconds).

Delta Saturday Run Club

Sponsored By New Balance
Saturday mornings (Exact times vary)
$120.00 12 Week Clinic
$4.00 Drop In session
Saturday Run Club is a 16 week session. The run club will offer three different groups:
Long Run group- designed for someone who just wants to have a longer Saturday run to help build endurance. Runs will be between 7km and 14 km.
Half Training Group- this group will train you up to 21.1 km and prepare you to run a Half Marathon.
Marathon Group- this group will start at 10 km and will prepare you to run a Marathon.


- $70 registration for Tuesdays only
- $120 registration for Saturdays and Tuesdays 
- $250 registration for Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays….ALL YEAR!
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