Try Events: Ronald Mcdonald House Boundary Bay Marathon

Try Events: Ronald Mcdonald House Boundary Bay Marathon

January 11, 2018

NO HILLS!! FLAT, BEAUTIFUL & the Last Boston Qualifying Course of the year! 6th Annual Boundary Bay Marathon

TRY EVENTS only a Full Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K on Sunday November 5th, 2017. The route is on a beautiful gravel ocean side trail! This is one of those routes that are so scenic you forget you are running! We are talking BEEAUUUTIFULLL!!! All distances are an outback design and the route is completely flat! The only challenges you are going to face is the weather and the fact you might run off the trail as you gaze at the ocean views!

Video of the event can be found here


cares and has arranged an extra hour sleep for you!

Don't forget the clocks fall back this weekend!

Please dress warm and bring a change of clothes!

Ronald McDonald House Boundary Bay Marathon Long Sleeve Shirt Info
The shirt is designed to ensure cool and comfortable performance on your Boundary Bay Marathon race. We are also excited to offer you Women & Men sizing! So please make sure your select your size based on gender sizing and register early to guarantee size. After the shirt size selection has been turned off shirt sizing will be first come first serve during package pick-up. On race day pick-up the shirt size is not guaranteed because our focus is of course making sure the race starts on time! BUT we always do our best.


(If you are picking up for a group of 3 or more please attend the Multiple Kit Pick Up Times)

Friday, November 3rd, 2017
Vancouver Run Inn
2331 West 41st Ave, Vancouver Map
Multiple Kit Pick Up ONLY Please 3pm-3:30pm
Individual Package pick-up ONLY Please 3:30pm-7pm

Saturday, November 4th, 2017
South Delta/Tsawwassen Run Inn
1212B 56th St. Delta Map

As a final option we will have a race day pick up service, for this service we will hire more staff to accommodate people that want to pay $5 for the service. Please email, in subject place put in race name and pick up service so it gets filed correctly. Example: Chilly Chase pick up service. In the content please provide your full name and distance, You will need to arrive at least 45minutes early on race morning and go to the TRY EVENTS table.

No same day package pick up without signing up for the above extra service. Please arrange to attend the listed package pick up locations during the times posted. We do not mail out packages. Remember when it is late registration sizing is first come first serve but we always have lots of supplies the first couple days.

*Once the race starts all left over supplies that have not been picked up will be available for size exchanges, for sale and/or donated

How does the RMHBC Boundary Bay Marathon & Marathon Relay work?
There are 4 Boundary Bay Marathon Legs

Marathon Relay 4 Legs
Leg #1 7.5K (approx.)
Start to Trail & 72nd
Google Map Directions from Start to Trail & 72nd

Leg #2 13.6K (approx.)
72nd St. /Trail to Mud Bay Parking
Google Map Directions from 72nd to Mud Bay Parking

Leg #3 13.6K (approx.)
Mud Bay Parking to 72nd St
Google Map Directions from Mud Bay Parking to 72nd

Leg #4 7.5K (approx.)
72nd St to Finish
Google Map Directions from 72nd to Finish

This means your Boundary Bay Marathon Relay team will have 4 people and at each one of these "Leg/Water Stations" we will have a water station for the marathoners, half marathoners and for your relay team members. We ask that your team members help with the water stations as they wait for their team members to arrive and please help after your leg to cheer on the other relay members and marathoners while helping with the water station. I know this might seem like a lot to ask but in order for us to make this relay and marathon work we need you to be a part of the show!

You will have to pass your team relay timing tag from one team member to another as the official leg switch is happening. You will only receive a team relay time if you have your timing tag and if you lose your timing tag of course you won't get a time! If you are the first leg or the last leg member you have to make sure your timing tag is attached to your shoe. The best way to make this fast switch is to use twist ties and attached to your shoe laces. If you have a stop watch and would like to time your leg please do so and email me your team's leg splits with names and I'll add them to the results.

We will have a sweep bike rider with the last Marathon runner that will let you know it is safe to leave your leg station. Please make sure you bring a warm change of clothes so you can change after your leg and of course have your warm clothes on as you wait for your team to reach your leg station. Your team is responsible for arranging to get to the leg stations and to get back to the start/finish line after the course is cleared.

 This is a suggestion and you can set this up however you feel but one team member can drop of team member #2, #3 & #4 with gear in a tupperware container for the corresponding member finishing at that location. After you are done your leg and the sweep comes by you can start driving back from the Mud Bay Parking lot and meet up with your team at the next leg/water station and cheer on the crowd and when the sweep bike comes you will move to the next stop. *Remember it is very very important to have WARM ALL WEATHER outfits. This is an ocean side trail and if the weather is wet & cold we want to be warm!

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