Updated Store Hours

March 25, 2020

The Run Inn Hours


Monday                      12PM-5PM

Tuesday                     12PM-5PM

Wednesday                12PM-5PM

Thursday                   12PM-5PM

Friday                         12PM-5PM

Saturday                    12PM-5PM

Sunday                       12PM-5PM



Monday                      11AM-5PM     

Tuesday                     11AM-5PM     

Wednesday                11AM-5PM     

Thursday                   11AM-5PM     

Friday                         11AM-5PM     

Saturday                    11AM-5PM     

Sunday                       Closed           

-Please call or email the store for any of your needs or questions.

-Free Delivery Available


Delta: 604-943-4661                             kevin@runinn.com

Kerrisdale: 604-267-7866                    chris@runinn.com